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the Friendly School of Folk Music


Bluegrass Jamming Class 
Taught by Jeff Burke using the Wernick Method* 
Wednesdays, Sept 6 - Nov 1 (ex. 9/27) 6:30-9PM

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At the Friendly School of Folk Music (a 501c3 organization), you're not just learning an instrument. You're learning to be part of a musical community.

We help you find the type of music, style of play - and even the right instrument - that works with your interest. Feel free to experiment - check something out, and then try something else. We want music to be fun, and something you can enjoy all your life.

We work with students of all ages, and our unique style helps you advance at your own pace, work with different instructors, and have a great time doing it.

The Friendly Community is a network of creative venues, all located at 6731-33 Roosevelt Road. The complex includes 



Stop by anytime and get to know the wide range of musicians and other creative folks hanging out in our community. Support The Friendly School Scholarship Fund by doing all of your shopping through Amazon Smile. Amazon will donate to the Scholarship fund every time you purchase eligible items! Bookmark the page after you hit the link so you know you are always shopping at Amazon Smile for The Friendly School Scholarship Fund!



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