Guitar Classes

The Friendly School is here to help you with the skills you need to play guitar in any style you like. Whether you’re brand new to the guitar, picking it up after a break, or trying to learn what you can online, you’ll progress faster, and have more fun along the way, with our core guitar program and supportive community.
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I want to learn:
  • the basics: some chords and how to strum with a good tone
  • how to play a whole song without stopping

I can do all that and want to learn:
  • how to strum with different rhythms
  • how to play riffs
  • how to play a simple fingerstyle pattern

I can do all that and want to learn:
  • barre chords
  • how to play up the neck of the guitar
  • basic melodies and improvisation

I can do all that and I'm ready to join the band!
  • explore genres, artists, and styles in depth with Friendly ensemble and specialty classes