Song Writing
Hannah Rand
Friendly School of Folk Music: Showcase - 1st floor (location map)
Thursday, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
09/19/19 - 10/24/19 (6 weeks)

Whether you’ve composed one song or hundreds, this class will help unlock your creativity and unleash it upon new pieces. We’ll focus on both lyric writing and the musical side of songwriting, offering a variety of techniques to build confidence and skill in the art of songwriting. The class will culminate in a writers round (participation optional) at the Friendly Tap. 

What we’ll work on: • Lyric Writing • Melody and Harmony writing • Song structures (Verses/Chorus/Bridge) • Matching melody/lyric/harmony • Writing without “inspiration” Some class projects: • Analyze your favorite song • Write a song based on a line from a newspaper/book/advertisement/movie/show • Journal (object writing) 

Resources:Writing Better Lyrics - Pat Pattison 

Teacher: This class is taught by Hannah Rand, an acclaimed songwriter from the Chicagoland area. Hannah started writing songs at age 12, won a teen Grammy for her song, “Start Over” at age 18, and graduated from Belmont University in 2016 with a songwriting degree. She is passionate about the life-giving and life-changing power of song, and she loves helping others use music as a tool to make a difference.